About Trashalamode.co.uk

I'm not a qualified silver or goldsmith but can turn my hand to a number of craft skills involving beads, fabrics, casting, printing, paper and am gradually broadening these.

Always experimenting with different materials and techniques that come my way, I am inspired by a diversity of things ranging from: nature; old 'make and do' books; the fashion pages of Vogue; punk style and the accidental nature of mix and match ... I also use more conventional things such as beads in my work too.

All of us are struggling with packaging - it's not disappearing yet and retail outlets won't take many things back. I like to think I'm making a contribution towards diminishing landfill by re-using (including packaging for presentation and posting) or delaying the destination of materials and by raising awareness of the amount of stuff we throw away - plastic, tin, paper, cardboard etc. and turning them into something a little bit funky...

If you like the photos on my website and would like something similar or something designed specifically for you, please contact me. I keep the cost of my work affordable to reflect the nature of my work. I am aiming to fill that gap between unique 'designer chic' and chain store cheap and cheerful - without exploiting the workers of developing countries. Please get in touch, so we can talk through your requirements and I will quote you a reasonable price.

Weddings/Name Days & Special Occasions

Want something different for your wedding or someone else's wedding? This is something I want to do more of. Also, using my embroidery/appliqué skills to produce a design for a christening gown or baby's blanket.

I aim to make a reasonable living from my craftwork and also use it to support chosen charitable causes - these include Global Generation and environmental and wellbeing charity that works with young people in the King's Cross area of London see www.globalgeneration.org.uk and the Children's Heart Federation see. www.chfed.org

As I practice the healing art of Reiki, I like to think that the things I make carry some good energy to the person that receives them, that goes beyond enjoyment of the product. To find out more about Reiki go to www.absolutereiki.com

This site has been designed and developed by the design agency Choose GoodDesign, so if you like what they have done for me check out their work at www.choosegooddesign.com

Photographs used on this website were taken by Nicola Gaughan of Iconic Creative. You can contact Nicola at www.iconiccreative.co.uk, with the exception of the blog photograph by Kim Rix of www.kimrixphotography.co.uk. Kim specialises in portrait work, professional, family and weddings. Additional photos are my own.